To Whom It May Concern:

During the last few years, I have had the ongoing pleasure of securing Rick Samson as my lawyer for numerous occasions. I have worked with him in multiple areas of his expertise, including: estate planning, specifically will and trust, potential real estate property purchases, my position as a property owner and landlord, and my position in being a property renter. Rick’s outstanding work allowed me to successfully move forward in making life decisions.

Rick is extremely knowledgeable in the legal understandings and functioning of these areas, also involving a variety of situations and people dealings. His estate planning skills are expansive and specific, and I appreciated his ability to quickly navigate technicalities. My real estate needs were wide ranging and Rick is well versed in multiple areas. His background in the laws of tenant and landlords and property management contracts, along with building codes and operations, made the processes easier. Rick had multiple solutions to meet my needs.

Dealing with issues that require legal attention can be difficult and draining, Rick handled my matters with ease. Rick always moved the process along at an appropriate speed according to all factors and with minimal stress. Throughout the process, I felt confident and secure in the decisions made and the handling of my legal needs. Rick was responsive, forward thinking, efficient, and timely. Though legal needs can be confusing, Rick made the process simple.

Rick was trustworthy, down to earth, upfront, and resourceful in the ways he approached the situations paired with my needs and the reality of circumstances. I was particularly impressed with his ethicalness and ability to navigate tricky events on the path to resolve my overall goals.

Rick is in touch with clients’ needs, prompt in his handlings, and highly knowledgeable in his areas of estate and real estate. I look forward to working with him in the future.

With highest regards,




To Whom it May Concern:

It is my honor and privilege to be writing this letter of recommendation for Rick Samson and Samson Law Firm. My husband Mark and I are both teachers in St. Vrain Valley School District. We’ve been married for just over seven years and have two children- ages three and six. We’ve had the privilege of getting to know Rick through his family, and now we’re honored to know him as our legal Estate Planner as well. We had been thinking about completing legal documentation for several years and simply never got around to it. Both of us, I think, thought this sort of planning was too overwhelming and unnecessary to tackle as we started our small, busy family.

With the onset of Covid-19 and facing going back to teaching high school students in person, we knew it was time. We tentatively reached out to Rick, worried that we were going to be given a stack of work we couldn’t face or complete as we started back for the school year. We could not recommend this process, and going through this process with Samson Law Firm, enough. From the moment we reached out, the process was simple and fast. Quick and easy communication via phone and email made the paperwork a breeze. Our meeting to discuss and sign the paperwork was clear and concise. At no point did we panic because we didn’t understand the legal or future meaning of what we were doing. We were given electronic and paper copies of everything we needed and left the process feeling grateful and confident that we’d finally completed this important step of our lives.

Rick works closely with the St. Vrain Valley School District and has a vast knowledge of the stress and worry that educators face. He has a deep empathy and passion for supporting educators and helping them with their futures. He is also, quite frankly, an amazing man and human who we are honored to know and have caring about our estate and family. We could not recommend Samson Law Firm for your Estate Planning needs enough. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.


Mrs. M.A. & Mr. M.A.



To Whom it May Concern:

I chose to work with Rick Samson because he is knowledgeable and level-headed, in addition to being very personable and kind. I had spent several years talking to a few other attorneys yet still being on the fence about when to create a will.

Rick immediately made me feel at ease answering my questions, and stepped me through the process. He made what can feel like a morbid and potentially emotional topic very easy. After creating the will and accompanying documents, I had a long list of questions. Rick patiently answered every one and even complimented me on the quality of my questions! The other attorneys with whom I spoke were clearly “on the clock”, were rather impatient with the amount of questions about the process and it seemed, for them, to be about the money. My impression is that Rick is about the relationships with his clients and helping people to get their personal affairs in order.

Recently, I found myself in the position of buying a home in this competitive market with a difficult seller who did not want to follow protocol or meet deadlines. I immediately knew that Rick would be my go-to person. His knowledge, years of experience, pragmatic nature and kindness helped me to successfully navigate this challenging situation. A day before my closing, a few complications occurred and the deal nearly fell apart. At that point, Rick moved from being my attorney to being a friend and a cheerleader, helping me talk through the pros, cons and possible outcomes, then encouraging me to power on. The end result was success! I could not be happier in my new home, thanks to Rick Samson! Rick’s skills and experience as a lawyer coupled with his people skills and decency as a good human being are the perfect combination for an outstanding attorney. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick Samson.





To Whom it May Concern:

After several years of procrastinating, we recently updated our wills and medical and general durable powers of attorney. From our initial discussion to executing the documents, Rick made us feel very comfortable. Rick was well prepared, and the process was highly organized and efficient. We found Rick’s knowledge and experience invaluable. He answered our questions clearly and explained the legal ramifications of our choices/decisions in terms we could easily understand. Rick provided us with the information and guidance we needed, and we could not have asked for a better experience from start to finish. In short, we were 100% satisfied with the professional, efficient and personable service that Rick provided.


Mrs. C.B. & Mr. M.B.



To Whom it May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Mr. Rick Samson for more than five years. He represented the Town of Mead for over thirty years. In that time he provided grounded,common sense legal advice to our Board of Trustees. Mr.Samson is honest and hard working. His knowledge of municipal law in the State of Colorado is quite well respected up and down the Front Range. I would strongly urge you to consider Mr. Samson as a Town, City or County Attorney.




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