Meeting the needs of our clients is our highest priority.

Rick doesn’t pretend to offer all services to all people. Services are provided where the firm excels. If a particular type of service is not available at the Samson Law Firm, referrals are made to other highly qualified attorneys.

Individuals and small business owners benefit from the firm’s philosophy that revolves around protecting personal and financial goals. The needs of entrepreneurs and small estates are understood and valued. This group drives our economy and therefore the firm is pleased to provide high-quality, value-based legal representation to these individuals and businesses.

Clients of The Samson Law Firm expect the best strategic advice and services. To deliver, a priority is placed on obtaining the right information, understanding the context in which the clients are operating, and knowing how and when to assemble the best team of professionals to achieve the clients’ goals.

Over the years, Rick has narrowed the focus of his practice to the following areas:

  • Municipal & Local Government Administration
  • Wills, Trusts & Probate
  • Probate litigation
  • Real Estate, Land Use & Development
  • Small business organization
  • Social Security Disability

NEA Attorney Referral Program

Rick has been a participating attorney in the National Education Association Attorney Referral Program for the past thirty years. During that period of time, the firm has provided services to hundreds of local educators.